Female Stormtrooper Costume


Female Stormtrooper Costume

Female Stormtrooper CostumeFor every avid Star Wars fan who has enjoyed and been taken over by the Force throughout the years, when the chance to attend a Halloween Party arises then a female Stormtrooper costume is a great way to literally stamp your mark on the event.

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Female fans have more choice than ever, there is no getting stuck with Princess Leia or Princess/Queen Amidala.

You can now be a kickass Stormtrooper thanks to the new sexy Womens Stormtrooper costume on sale now.

Womens Stormtrooper Costume Ideas

For women who are ardent fans of Star Wars then it might be a difficult decision between Princess Leia, Jes Gistang, the female Stormtrooper, or the latest badass lady Stormtrooper – Captain Phasma. Being able to put on a costume such as this you will be able to be a Stormtrooper and act the way you visualize a Stormtrooper should perform, giving the character your own slant and ideas.

So, you have decided upon a Stormtrooper costume for your next Halloween party and you have your own idea of how you want to look and dress as a Stormtrooper. The next part is selecting the right costume for you and your personality.

Stormtrooper Star Wars Costume For Women

Female Stormtrooper Costume

Female Stormtrooper CostumeOne of the official costumes that you could wear is the all in one jumpsuit which has attached specially molded armor as well as a belt. In addition, a helmet or mask which consists of two pieces should also be worn.

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White knee length boots are usually chosen as the footwear with this costume but, if preferred, white shoes could be used. Black gloves are another item you will need.

Stormtrooper Dress

Adult Stormtrooper Dress Costume

Strormtrooper Dress CostumeAnother official Stormtrooper costume which might be more preferable comes in the style of a dress which is obviously white featuring a belt.

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The ladies stormtrooper costume dress is designed with the armour decoration and ensures that no extra items are needed to be worn over the dress.

A knitted cap compliments the outfit. Knee length socks are in keeping with the dress fabric and white shoes will set off the complete outfit.

An alternative to the socks and shoes, of course, are white knee length boots should you so wish but this really depends upon the overall look you intend to portray.

Ladies Stormtrooper Costume Accessories

Other accessories could include a lightsaber which will add something peculiar to your Stormtrooper outfit. Something peculiar as it’s cheating a bit, as strormtroopers do not use lightsabers, but hey it’s Halloween and you can be Darth Trooper if you wish.

More appropriate would be a Clone Trooper Blaster which includes three foam darts with suction ends that can be fired when the Blaster is activated.

Although you might feel that this is not necessary it will definitely impress your audience. After all if there is another Stormtrooper costume at your party you could really have fun.

Make up can be worn such as silver lipstick and silver nail polish to accentuate your version of a Stormtrooper. Whether you add eye make up is according to your own taste.

You can make your portrayal as dramatic as you want but should you wish to display a more natural look then that would be fine.

Star Wars is one of the most enduring films of all time, making the new womens stormtrooper costume one of the best Halloween costumes to wear!