Smurf Halloween Costumes


Smurf Halloween Costumes

Smurf Halloween CostumesSmurf Halloween Costumes will take nostalgic adults straight back to the 80s and for kids, the Smurfs will be very now with the latest Smurfs 2 movie release!

Those lovable blue characters that always got into trouble with Gargamel and his blasted cat Azrael.

Back in a 3D action adventure, yet another of our 80s favorites are brought back to the fore.

So, whether your favorite was the wise leader, or one of the other Smurfs, you can now relive this 80s classic revamped for the 2010s in your very own character costume.

Smurf Halloween Costumes – Papa Smurf Costume

Papa Smurf CostumeIf you liked the leader of the Smurfs the most, well now’s your chance to be the charismatic one in the red hat and pants.

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With the Papa Smurf costume you get a blue colored shirt, and of course papa Smurf’s famous red pants and red headpiece that comes with a beard attached.

It’s time to have a jolly good time as the wise leader of the little blue people.

Smurf Halloween Costumes – Smurfs Smurfette Costume

The Smurfs – Smurfette Adult Costume

Smurfette CostumeDance the night away you pretty little Smurfette!

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You will turn many heads if you turn up as the sassy Smurfette.

This gorgeous characters costume comes with a white dress that features oval accents, with attached blue sleeves. You also get blue pants and a white hat.

Deluxe Smurf Costume

Deluxe Smurf CostumeIt’s time for a Smurfing good day with a trip down 80s memory lane or the 2010s if you’re coming from the recent Smurfs movie releases.

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Whichever of the ensemble of these little poeple was your favorite, this costume will enable you to look the part.

This costume comes with a bright blues shirt, with matching mittens.

You also get white pants, white shoe covers, and a white hat.

Smurf Costumes For Kids

Smurf Costumes For KidsLet your kids join in on the fun too with their own Smurfs costume.

There are all 3 versions of the adult costumes for both kids and toddlers.

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The child outfits come in Small (4-6) and Medium (8-10) sizes and the infant and toddler versions come in sizes for 6-12 months infants and 2-4T for toddlers.

The Smurfs remain some of the best Halloween costumes for kids and “grown ups”!

Who Are The Smurfs?

The Smurfs are characters of Belgian creation. They are a fictional colony of little blue skin colored people that live in mushroom shaped houses.

Originally created as comic book characters, they are far more famous for their animated TV series adventures and even more recently their movie adventures.

They are led by Papa Smurf who is readily distinguished from the rest of the tribe by his clothing. Where the rest of the colony are dressed in a white clothing and a hat, Papa has red clothing.

One of the main enemies of the Smurfs is the wizard Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

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