Scary Pumpkin Halloween Costumes Ideas


Scary Pumpkin Halloween Costumes For Adults

Pumpkin Halloween CostumesScary pumpkin Halloween costumes allow you to be one of the most recognized Halloween mascots personified. Who needs a monster when you can get a scary mutated Halloween mascot?

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Everyone will think twice about what they eat this Halloween, as in these scary pumpkin Halloween costumes, it is clear that it is no longer these vegetables that will be on the menu!

These vegetables are not sitting down on anybody’s porch!

Unleash the Bobble Head costume upon fellow party revelers to show you are badder and meaner than any mere vampire or zombie out there.

Or the Bad Seed Creature Reacher costume to show you are ready to eat anybody that gets in your way.

Scary Pumpkin Halloween Costumes #1: Bad Seed Creature Reacher Costume

Bad Seed Creature Reacher Adult Costume

This pumpkin is for DOING the CARVING and the EATING!

Whoever has been a naughty person this Halloween is going to reap the bad seeds that they’ve sown once you get hold of them!

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The Bad Seed Creature Reacher costume comes with a highly detailed and oversized latex face mask with terrifying open jaw and long tongue.

It also has gnarly and root-like foam latex extended hands and arms.

You also get a ragged burlap overshirt, plus a brown undershirt, and a rope belt to finish the look.

Scary Pumpkin Halloween Costumes #2: Bobble Head Pumpkin Costume

Bobble Head Pumpkin Adult Costume

There is no candle lighting this demonic creature’s eyes.

Someone carved him, and he’s out to return the favor!

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This evil character is sneaky, trying to get around with his hooded cloak until he can sneak up upon his victim.

This costume comes with black robe and matching shawl and hood.

You also get a pair of gloves, and rope tie belt.

And to finish off the demonic look – a supersize lightweight pumpkin head with those scary bobble eyes. Inside the head is a comfortable elastic head support.

Scary Pumpkin Halloween Costumes #3: Bleeding EBleeding Evil Pumpkin Costumevil Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkin meets Scream with this fantastic outfit. It is certain to take anyone by surprise.

Just like the Scream character, the Bleeding Evil Pumpkin costume features a long black robe that ties behind the neck. It has jagged sleeves and a bottom to create that scary ripped and torn threads look.

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You also get a pair of orange gloves – you are a human pumpkin after all!

And you get a scary pumpkin mask that pumps theatrical blood through it. No monster is going to want to mess with you this Halloween.

The Association Of Pumpkins With Halloween

So how did a delicious vegetable end up becoming a scary symbol of October 31st? Well Britain and Ireland have a long tradition of carving vegetables anyway – turnips and swede in particular.

The Irish also carved turnips for Halloween based around a myth called Stringy Jack. It is believed that Irish emigrants to North America soon switched to carving the pumpkin, with the first recording of a carved pumpkin lantern for Halloween in 1866.

That it is a harvest season vegetable adds to the appeal.

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