Disney Cinderella Costumes


Disney Cinderella Costumes

Disney Cinderella CostumeDisney Cinderella costumes are perfect for anyone inspired by her rags to riches, pauper to Princess story.

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Cinderella is one of the most loved princesses in history, and her rags to riches story made her forever endearing with many women identifying with her and her struggles.

But it is her strong sense of character, with honesty, and confidence in her inner beauty that really made her shine and this is also the reason why her story is considered timeless by many people young and old.

She is proof that love does not anchor itself on the superficial but on something deeper and personal. Wearing a Cinderella costume allows you to relive the magic and essence of this humble girl – hope in the midst of oppression and innate kindness even when the world is so cruel and harsh.

Wearing Disney Cinderella Costumes

Disney Cinderella CostumeThe timeless Cinderella blue gown is one of the most recognizable costumes in the world. It connotes humility, kindness, justice, redemption, and magic.

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Wearing the blue gown or dress means commemorating the triumph of a marginalized girl who beat the odds through kindness and true love.

A costume that has this rich story backing it up can easily stir happy childhood memories. This memory is not just about you, the one wearing the outfit, but also about the people around you who will surely be reminded of the kindhearted girl who loves to sing and who has a bunch of cute furry friends. And of course who can forget the happy ending?

It is not just about the costume of the girl with cinder in her face but also of the prince charming that saw the good heart of the girl he danced with that one fateful night.

Although the beautiful maiden was the star of the story, it would not be complete without the pure heart of a prince who saw the kind-hearted young woman underneath beautiful dress.

Wearing the costume of Cinderella’s prince is also a great idea for gents who want to have a share of the lighthearted fairy tale of this servant-turned princess.

Wearing a story-inspired attire is more special when you buy into the magic behind it all. The great thing about the Cinderella story is that people never get tired of it. People will always have nice things to say about her life simply because it is ideal and inspiring.

And by wearing a Cinderella costume to a party, not only will you look beautiful but you will also be the star of the night.

Disney Cinderella Costumes – The History of Cinderella

Cinderella is a very old European fairy tale believed to have originated from Naples, Italy. In fact the story is based on the Kingdom of Naples, one of the most influential capitals in Europe way back in the early 1600’s.

The earliest version of the story was written by Giambattista Basile. The original literature was written in the Neapolitan language.

Cenerentola is the derivative name of Cinderella we all know today. Cenerentola is from the Italian word “cenere” or cinder.

The name came from the typical appearance of slave girls at that time whose clothes were usually soiled with ash as they often lived in basements. To keep themselves warm they had to lie down near the fireplace.

The story of Cenerentola has evolved many times through history as it was retold by many people including Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm in the early 1800’s.

Believe it or not, the story of the oppressed girl we know today as Cinderella is a cartoon animated movie version made by Walt Disney in their feature animation movie in the 1950’s. Recently is made into a live action movie too.

The Disney version is the most popular adaptation of this age old literature and is the “standard” story we know about the cinder girl.

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Disney Cinderella Costumes – What Makes Cinderella So Special To Dress As?

The girl ridiculed by her step sisters as the filthy, cinder-covered maid is not just an oppressed character. She is an individual that has maintained her dignity and self worth even in the midst of the hardships in her life.

Yes she cried for days on end but she never saw herself as the victim of life that must have given any person the right to be miserable, bitter, and unkind.

But through the many versions of this story, the cinder girl never lost her happy and sweet personality which was how the story introduced her from the very beginning.

In the Cinderella films we have seen, she has always been a well-liked character and because of her calmness and stability, she is admired and loved.

She is so likable that the story is built around the hope of the audience that she will soon find redemption from her sufferings and she will get the justice she deserves from the hands of her wicked stepmother.

What makes Cinderella special is that she never lost sight of who she is. Her situation did not change her. The hardships must have hurt her, casted doubts on her future, but she never was led astray from her values.

The fairy godmother, the prince, the glass slippers, the magical dance, the hunt for the beautiful maiden who left one of her glass slippers – these are just shadows of the real person who became the future queen of their kingdom.

Recapture the magic by wearing your own choice of the Disney Cinderella Costumes available for this Halloween and maybe you’ll find your Price Charming too!

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