Bride of Frankenstein Costume Ideas For Halloween


Bride of Frankenstein Costume Ideas

Bride of Frankenstein Costume IdeasIn this article we will look at Bride of Frankenstein Costume ideas for Halloween. There are both ready made costumes to buy. And there is the option to make your own. We’ll look at both options.

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Dressing as the bride of Frankenstein could ensure that you look outrageous, ethereal and sexy at the same time.

That’s because Frankenstein is one of the most curious horror stories of all time. Especially his monster, and later on, his Bride!

Bride of Frankenstein Costume

Bride of Frankenstein Costume IdeasOf course, being a bride regardless of what you decide to wear, the fact is it must be white. However, deciding exactly how to complement your white costume will take a certain amount of thought and planning.

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The costume featured on this page consists of a crushed ivory velvet dress with ruched bodice made from polyester, plus a skirt made from tiers of nylon lace and organdy.

You also get a velvet choker.

The costume is available in plus size for larger ladies.

The distinctive wig of the character is not included, so you will either want to buy one as an accessory, or get creative if you already have long enough hair to create the beehive style. And then of course spray in the white trademark streaks.

Bride of Frankenstein Costume Ideas – Accessories To Complete The Look

Hair is part of the costume and a jet black wig can become an asset to your chosen outfit. The wig should be as outrageous as the outfit itself while remaining unruly and it should be sprayed and clipped to give the appearance that it is standing on end.

White streaks can be added and cobwebs draped over the wig for a further unsightly effect. White powder could also be added which will create a ghostly image.

Make up is as important as the outfit and the fact that the bride of Frankenstein is made up of pieces of corpses means that the overall appearance should be of a deathly pale, morbid person. White powder should be used over the face and the eye make up should be black and heavily applied showing smudges of mascara under the eyes.

By using an eyebrow pencil this will provide an exceedingly heavy image. To create sunken eyes use black eye shadow around this area and to produce hollow looking cheeks again use black eye shadow diagonally below cheekbones blending it in with a blusher brush.

Then the entire look can be finished by adding black lipstick. Drops of blood on the face and dress can also be an added advantage as the aim is to give the appearance that you have just climbed out of a grave. Simply by looking as inhuman as possible should be your first thought. Then you will be the perfect Bride of Frankenstein for any Halloween party.

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Bride of Frankenstein Costume Ideas – How To Create Yours

White trousers or leggings with a white shirt, blouse or tee shirt are options; or going to the opposite extreme and just wearing a sheet draped around your body. It could take hours to get the right costume but it has to be what is best for you and what you feel most comfortable in.

An old wedding dress could suit you better and acquiring one could be as easy as visiting a local charity shop.

If the wedding dress is your choice then some modifications have to be made for effect. It must look scruffy and worn and this could take quite a bit of work as most wedding dresses are only worn once and still in perfect condition.

But just by using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife the desired appearance can be obtained quite easily. Any layers of net or lace need to be equally ripped and dusty and any

Going for the sheet option can be an advantage because anything can be done with a sheet. Cutting and tearing in places can produce the desired effect. Some help may be needed to get the sheet hanging right before the final tuck and cuts are made.

With trousers or leggings the same applies a few cuts and tears can produce an amazing bridal outfit. Artificial cobwebs can be draped over it to add to its appeal.

Bride of Frankenstein Costume Ideas – Buy One Ready Made

So you have a choice of buying a bride costume. Or those enthusiasts with time and creativity, can make your own.

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Bride of Frankenstein Costume Ideas – Character Background

The Bride of Frankenstein was produced as the first sequel to Frankenstein – the original American movie created in 1931.

In the sequel, Dr Frankenstein is intent on giving up his evil experimentation. But then Dr Pretorius, a mad scientist, kidnapped his wife. This was done in an attempt to get his agreement to create a woman for the monster. So the Bride of Frankenstein is created and the most morbid and ghostly portrayal of horror and evil is born.

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