Batgirl Halloween Costume


Batgirl Halloween Costume

Batgirl Halloween CostumeWhile Batgirl never made an appearance in the recent Dark Knight Trilogy of Batman films, she remains a popular character – especially when it comes to Halloween. In this article you will find out how to make a Batgirl Halloween costume.

Batgirl was the alter ego of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of James Gordon who was the Police Commissioner of Gotham City.

She was initially considered as a female Batman and possible companion for him causing him to rescue her on several occasions. However, the Batgirl character that emerged in the sixties took on a different slant witnessing her ability to show equal adept skills to stand alongside Batman and his accomplice, Robin, to assist in fighting crime in Gotham City.

Having an array of super gadgets like Batman, Batgirl featured in a number of programs, books and films for many years and has created quite a following and become a heroine for many.

So, Halloween is the ideal occasion to emulate this character especially as the costume is relatively simple to put together and any character from the Batman universe remains one of the best Halloween costume choices.

Garments Needed To Make A Batgirl Halloween Costume

Obviously, black is the main color of the outfit with yellow attributes but there are several options of style to choose from dependent upon the portrayal you wish to model.

For a basic outfit, a short black skirt which would need the hem styled in a jagged design to give it a more bizarre look, combined with black tights. A black long sleeved T shirt is an ideal accompaniment and easy to obtain.

An alternative to this is a long sleeved tight black mini dress with black tights. Another option is to wear either a short sleeved T shirt or sleeveless dress.

Black leather knee length boots give the best effect but black PVC over the knee boot tops elasticized to fit over shoes are extremely versatile and can provide a favourable result.

Final touches in the form of a yellow belt with a black bat symbol featured on it, a black mask with bat ears that fasten with Velcro, black gloves or glovelets and a black decorative cape.

This can be made out of an off cut of any black material and have extra motifs added as required. Then add Velcro to the cape for easy attachment. The yellow and black bat logos can be made out of felt and stitched on.

A more deluxe style of costume and, indeed, more daring, can take the form of a dress; the top styled in the form of a corset with a lace or net layered tu-tu designed skirt attached displaying tiny bat motifs.

As the design of this dress accentuates the figure, stockings can replace the knee length boots with high heel shoes or sandals to portray a more exciting and flirty image. Stockings or fish net tights in black or natural is another decision to be made.

How To Make A Batgirl Costume – Accessories

This image can be further enhanced by wearing black nail varnish, black eye make up and eyelashes and bat motifs etched upon the face. Lipstick in black or red is another personal touch.

A batgirl bag can be purchased or made out of black material with the bat logo, to complete the outfit.

Should you have short hair you might consider buying a black long haired wig to really make your mark and whether your wear your hair long and natural looking or have it curled and put up, this is another alternative to choose.

Similarly, black PVC wristlets which are adorned with spikes are an authentic touch and could replace the long black gloves.

How To Make A Batgirl Halloween Costume – Who is Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl?

From the way Batgirl handles herself and reacts to any situation, it is apparent that she is a martial arts expert using her skill to overpower her adversaries.

In addition, she possesses excellent prowess showing her exceptional acrobatic capabilities enabling her to escape from the tightest of corners whenever required.

Consequently, she becomes a dependable ally for Batman giving him the necessary support in their quest to overcome evil and prevent crime in Gotham City.

By adopting her quirks and personality you can create your own interpretation either showing the romantic side or just focusing on her expertise as Batman’s ally, adding appropriate expressions and vocabulary that you feel she would use.

Now that you know how to make a Batgirl Halloween costume, it’s time to spread your creative Batfingers – or should that be wings, and get busy creating your outfit!

How To Make A Batgirl Halloween Costume Alternative – Buy One!

If you have decided that you do not wish to make a Batgirl outfit afterall, then there are many great ready made costumes to buy, including the purple 1966 Batgirl Costume from the Batman TV series.

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