Bane Halloween Costume


Dark Knight Rises Bane Halloween Costume

Bane Halloween CostumeCelebrate October 31st in style by getting suited up in a Bane Halloween Costume!

Alternatively make your own costume just buy the mask.

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It’s great to have one of the most badass costumes to hit the market and his mask and costume is one of those badass outfits.

It was one of the cool Halloween costumes of recent years to tie in with the always popular Batman, and in particular his recent big screen guise as the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight Rises Bane Costume

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane Deluxe Adult Costume

Bane is the scariest looking Batman villain in the Dark Knight trilogy, so his Halloween Costume is a superb choice.

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You can now become this well built and twisted monster.

The costume comes with a detailed muscle chest jumpsuit, plus the essential mask to give all those monsters out there a fright!

You also get a molded belt, plus a molded gauntlet to complete the look.

If you are going with a friend or as a group, you may like to consider going with a Batman theme, which goes from the DC comics and 1966 series, through the 90s Batman movies, to the present day Dark Knight trilogy.

Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask 3/4 Adult Mask

Bane Costume Mask

If you just need the mask and not the costume, that’s fine, you can buy the mask by itself.

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And Bane certainly is a villain that knows how to give Batman a run for his money!

It is time to bring the Dark Knight trilogy to a close in the Dark Knight Rises Mask.

This time it is Game Over!

The mask is a terrifying 3/4 vinyl mask. Enough to rival any monster mask!

One nice thing about the design of the mask is that as it doesn’t cover the whole of your face, there’s less chance of getting sweaty. Although the mask will have to come off eventually for eating and drinking!

Show the whites of your eyeballs and look terrifying!

Bane Voice Changer

How To Get The Voice

Bane Mask Voice Changer

You can buy a Mask Voice Changer to change your voice if you feel that extra element is worth adding to your efforts.

A Voice Modulator / Voice changer is not sold with the mask, so you will have to purchase one separately if you wish to have a different voice as part of your outfit.

If you are going to the party with a guy or a girl, why not go as a double or triple act with a Batman Dark Knight Rises costume and/or Anne Hathaway Catwoman costume?

Who Is Bane?

Bane is a character from the DC Comics Universe. He first appeared in the comic named after him – Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 in January 1993. While certainly not one of the older villains, he did make an impact. And so he was considered worthy enough to be included into the last of the Batman: Dark Knight trilogy of movies. The British actor Tom Hardy portrayed him in the Dark Knight Rises.

Bane’s Best Lines

Here’s a movie clip showing Bane deliver some of his best lines from the Dark Knight Rises movie.

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