Addams Family Halloween Costumes


Addams Family Halloween Costumes For Adults And Kids

Addams Family Halloween CostumesWhether you are looking for a costume for you or a costume for a group, The Addams Family Halloween Costumes are a perfect choice. Who else better to be than the First Family of Halloween?

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Who does not love the cooky yet creepy nature of this crazy family? The TV series and movies were a lot of fun, so you or your group will be very much appreciated for representing these characters.

Having a choice of Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester or Wednesday, this is perfect for flying solo, going as a double act, or as a mixed group of men and women.

The Addams Family have their roots in The New Yorker newspaper, where they first made their debut as a cartoon strip in 1938. It did not take long for their popularity to snowball, taking them all the way from mere comic strip, to TV, to the cinema!

These comic strip characters are now pop-culture figures worldwide. Making them an instantly recognizable hit at any Halloween Party, especially if you decide to take things one step further and act out some of the mannerisms, at least for a little while.

So let’s take a closer look at the characters and their costumes shall we?

The Addams Family Costumes For Men

Addams Family Gomez CostumeStarting with the mens costumes, there is a choice of Gomez or Uncle Fester.

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The character of Gomez Addams portrays the head of The Addams Family and husband to Morticia Addams. With Morticia, he has two kids – Wednesday and Pugsley.

The Gomez costume consists of a black and purple striped suit jacket with a red shirt inset, plus matching black and purple striped pants. You also get a black bow tie. You may like to optionally purchase a balck Gomez wig and/or a mustache to complete the Gomez look.

Pugsley is Gomez and Morticia Addams’ son. Unfortunately there is currently no costume on sale for him though. But if you want to improvise, his costume is very easy to create from individual items yourself.

Addams Family Uncle Fester CostumeAll you need to purchase is a black and white striped T shirt, plus some black shorts and also some black socks. Very simple. You can complete his pale complexion and sleepless look with some white makeup and dark eyeshadow.

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Uncle Fester is Gomnez’ creepy looking brother and represents the alternative ready made costume option for men. The Uncle Fester costume consists of a long, black hooded robe, plus rope chord belt and also a white, pale Uncle Fester mask.

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The Addams Family Costumes For Women

Addams Family Morticia CostumeFor the women in your group, there are two costume choices – Morticia Addams or Wednesday Addams.

Morticia portrays the the wife of Gomez Addams and matriarch of the family.

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She has a fantastic costume that consists of a long black gothic gown complete with spider web sleeves.

Each sleeve also has a trailing spider web lace hanging from the wrists.

You can optionally complete the Morticia Addams look with a long, black Morticia wig, plus spider web choker and a nice pair of black false eyelashes.

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Addams Family Sexy Wednesday CostumeThe character of Wednesday is the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams, and Pugsley’s sister and a version of her costume is available for both women and girls.

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Her sexy costume consists of

  • White collar and cuffs
  • Black long-sleeve crop top which features a plunging neckline
  • A nylon underlay
  • Black skirt with an elastic waist and side zipper, plus attached white petticoat
  • 4 faux leather belts that have metal side buckles
  • You also get grey and black stockings that stretch to fit

Her normal costume that is also available consists of a puritan black dress with white collar and white cuffs. You can also get it through the link above.

There is also a matching white square buckle on the belt. Optional accessories that complete the look are a Wednesday Addams wig with her trademark center part and pigtails.

Addams Family Halloween Costumes Conclusion

So for a fantastic choice of Halloween costume for individual, double act, or a threesome or foursome group, The Addams Family Halloween costumes are amongst the best Halloween costumes for October 31st.

Addams Family Halloween Costumes Makeup Tutorial – Morticia Addams

Here’s some tips for doing Morticia Addams makeup.