Adam and Eve Costumes For Couples Halloween 2016


Adam and Eve Costumes For Couples

Adam And Eve CostumesGoing to a Halloween party or fancy dress function as a couple is always and interesting idea, and one of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples, are Adam And Eve Costumes – the original sinners and bringers of the downfall of mankind.

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Adam and Eve can be an interesting and relatively easy option for a home made costume if you do not wish to buy one that is ready made, and creating the outfits can be a fun and challenging exercise.

If buying Adam and Eve Halloween costumes for couples is a bit too expensive or if you simply want to create your own, then making suitable outfits will need a certain amount of planning; the more time spent on this process could make a vast difference to the final result.

Since everybody knows the story of Adam and Eve, when the costumes have been completed there can be no doubt as to whom you are representing.

For the sake of a few hours, fantastic Adam and Eve costumes can be created for a couple that will not fail to turn heads due to their risque nature. Here on Best Halloween Costumes Guide, we’ll take a look at how to create your own.

Adam and Eve Costume Ideas

Adam And Eve CostumesImagination is all that is needed to decide on how to put your chosen costume together. A skin colored swimming costume or bikini for a woman could be worn with a cloth or off cuts of fur material being added to the garments and secured or draped round the body.

A pair of flesh colored brief shorts could be perfect for a man. Although there is not too much material to either of these costumes, to make it completely authentic an apple and snake strategically placed can make a vast difference.

Similarly, leaves threaded on fine wire or string and placed around the shoulders and an imitation snake placed around the waist are ideal accessories. The famous forbidden apple can be held for effect.

If a swimsuit or bikini is not an option, then a flesh colored leotard could be fit the bill with off cuts of green colored material to represent leaves and foliage stitched to the leotard.

Another quick and simple alternative for creating Adam and Eve costumes are skin colored T shirts which could be used with the same colored brief shorts.

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Adam and Eve Costume Accessories

Footwear could be something old such as sandals or flip flops. This gives the impression of being one of the First Ones on Earth.  Or you could go for a pair of funny feet footwear. This will add an element of humor to your outfit as well as the party.

Leaves and nuts could also be threaded on string or wire to make a women’s necklace. Twine could also be made into a bracelet. Leather is another off cut that could be appropriately used.

A minimal amount of make up can be applied if you choose to give a natural look but it is not essential. Simulated earth and grime might be a finishing touch instead.

A scruffy wig for both female and male could also be an option. Remember you are trying to re-create an image of the first two people on earth. Who’s to say they immediately thought about tidying their hair? The hair should be disheveled and give an unkempt appearance with twigs and leaves adorning the head.

If you need to keep the foliage in place simply clip on or use camouflage colored elastic.

A purse made out of fake animal skin or leather could be an optional accessory. This helps a woman that needs to carry items maintain her costume character.

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Adam and Eve Background

Adam and Eve were the first inhabitants on earth. Adam was intelligent and inquisitive who adored his wife, Eve. She was extremely beautiful and had a certain elegance and grace, being completely in love with her husband.

But her thirst for more knowledge caused her to turn away from Adam. She considered her own image, wishing to explore further. In doing this, it eventually led to their downfall by eating the forbidden fruit.

Adam And Eve Story Video